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Date Night Essentials – Surprise Your Significant Other with Sexy Lingerie

Ada Nwosu

Posted on March 23 2016

Lingerie was made to make you feel like your sexiest self. So it’s only obvious that lingerie would make amust-appearance in the bedroom. Now, contrary to popular belief, lingerie isn’t about sex. Wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel proud and empowered of your own self. Lingerie is simply a beautiful tool that helps you display that power in its full glory. Lingerie is also very versatile if you know how to handle it. Wearing sexy lingerie under your work clothes can make you feel very mischievous, like you’ve got a secret. And coming home after a day of work and surprising your equally tired significant other by revealing that secret can breathe a lot of excitement into the seemingly simple Chinese-food-and-movie night.

But in order to surprise your loving companion, how should you go about choosing the right lingerie? For that, Slim Girl is here to help.

Top 3 Sexy Lingerie Tips for the Perfect Night

1.     Be the Sexy You!

Stop thinking that the lacy black rose bra and panty set won’t look good on you! Most times, we pass on the prettiest things, just because we’re too self-deprecating. The whole point of having sexy lingerie is so you and your partner can a good time while they revel in your pure awesomeness. Don’t buy simple lingerie sets just because it says it’s sexy. Choose a bra and panty set because you know that you’ll feel sexy once you have it on.

2.     Forget the Trench coat

Trench coat + lingerie might seem like the epitome of sexiness, but not if dropping that trench coat makes you feel exposed rather than sexy. The key to feeling sexy in your lingerie is by understanding that you have the confidence to pull it off, literally. Also, don’t feel bad if you start feeling a bit too nervous at the prospect. Sexiness isn’t about doing something that makes you uncomfortable, it is about doing something that makes you feel daring and secure in your own sexual power.

3.     Go on an Adventure

You know that sensation before you open a present from a loved one? You know it’s going to be perfect and that sense of curiosity makes that moment even better. This is how your partner should feel when they peel off your clothes. The great thing about lingerie is that it can help you create a game. You don’t necessarily need to show your partner what you’re wearing at the end of the day. Simply give them a peek of what they could be seeing more in the morning and then go about your day. Doing so will give you confidence. It will also make your partner a little too impatient to get home early.

Consider lingerie to be sportswear for women. The sport here is having a good romp in the bed. It’s up to you to prepare beforehand and win by tapping into your talent at rocking your perfect sexy lingerie.

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